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Internayional Buddhist Study Collage
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The Designation of the Noble Individuals in Puggala- Paññatti Scripture of Abhidhamma Pitaka Dr.Sanu Mahatthanadull
Nibbāna: The Supreme Peace of Humanity Dr.Sanu Mahatthanadull
Dependent Origination and the Four Noble Truths: the Core Teaching of the Buddha Dr.Sanu Mahatthanadull
The Noble Eightfold Path: The Buddhist Middle Way for Mankind Dr.Sanu Mahatthanadull
Niyāma: The Buddhist Laws of Nature Dr.Sanu Mahatthanadull
Four Foundations of Mindfulness Dr.Sanu Mahatthanadull
Bhikkhu Pātimokkha: the Fundamental Precepts And their Number of Rules1 Dr.Sanu Mahatthanadull
Buddhist Response to Environmental Degradation Under Conceptual Framework of the Five Niyāma Dr.Sanu Mahatthanadull
Maha Ghosananda: The Engaged Buddhism in Cambodia Dr.Sanu Mahatthanadull
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